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Castor oil for Hair Growth: Why This oil is Effective in Treating Balding & Hair Loss In General


Castor oil for hair growth will ensure that your hair is strong, shiny, glossy and bouncy. It’s a holistic solution for both men and women suffering from hair thinning and falling. And regardless of the extent to which your hair falls, you may use this special oil to reverse the condition. Even those who are experiencing symptoms of balding can find relied here.

The Reason why You’re Losing Hair

While some may experience mild hair fall, others may lose their hair excessively, to the point of developing symptoms of premature balding. If any of these situations describe you, there is no need to worry. But again you need to identify the root-cause of your hair loss for treatment to be effective.

The reason you could lose hair is due to a prolonged ailment, genetics, or poor diet. Again, if you’ve been on chemotherapy medication, you may lose a good amount of your hair strands. But again, there’s no cause of alarm as all your hair fall or thinning can be cured.

Why Castor oil is Good for Your Hair

It’s been used as a laxative, and yet is still being used for other purposes as well. For example, it has been used to treat menstrual congestion disorders, boils, bacteria, fungal infections, ring worms and many more. So it’s not a surprise to say it will improve the condition of your hair while stimulating hair growth too.

You see, the reason why it’s good for your hair is because it has several elements in it — which your hair love. It’s rich in proteins, vitamin E, and minerals. It’s also considered an anti-fungicidal and anti-bacteria.

According to the castor oil official website, they are saying the oil is beneficial to your hair because of its complex chemical composition. It contains triglyceride, which is in form of fatty acid. It also contains up to 90% of ricinoleic acid.

The Relationship between Hair Growth and Good Circulation

There is strong scientific evidence to suggest that good circulation is crucial for the development of healthy hair. This means you need sufficient blood circulation in your scalp to promote this good hair growth.

Good circulation means your hair follicles will be well-nourished, thus your hair will grow strong and resilient. Consequently, they will not break even if subjected to elements that cause hair breakage.

Combating Scalp Infections

You may be losing your hair due to a scalp infection. So the best way to treat this condition is to apply castor oil because it has antibacterial and anti fungal properties that fight infection. These are also referred to as pathogens or micro-organisms that attack the scalp or the skin to cause hair loss.

This is common with people who have bald patches on their hair, and is one of the leading cause for hair loss.

Reduction of Split Ends

Conditioning treatments are often created to reduce slip ends, thus reducing chances of hair breakage or falling. Luckily, castor oil has ingredients such as omega 6, vitamin E, proteins and other nutrients that penetrate deep into the scalp, thus smoothing out rough cuticles to make hair retain moisture.


This oil has a thick consistency. To apply it on your hair effectively, you should mix it with other oils (i.e jojoba or olive oils) to make it easier to evenly distribute all over your hair strands.

Moisturizing your Scalp

Reports from a website called Black Women Beauty suggest that Omega 6 fatty acid will help prevent your scalp from drying out, while long and consistent use of the oil will help promote the growth of thick hair.

And when you go to the stores to buy castor oil for hair growth, it is important that you buy unrefined oil as opposed to refined oil since this type of oil will preserve more nutrients and healing properties.

Castor oil is good for scalp massage and hot oil treatment. It simply promotes healthy hair growth — with strands being softer and easily manageable.

Tips for Using Castor oil On Your Hair

Once you have your mixture of castor oil and olive oil, just use the palm of your hands to rub it on your hair strands — from the root to the tip, the same way you do with massage oil.

Don’t use too much of it though, unless you want to spend a lot of time washing it away. You can either choose to wash your hair afterwards or leave the oil there overnight. If you’re going to wash it away, do it in 15 to 20 minutes time. Then rinse with your favorite shampoo and water.

If you choose to leave it overnight, then you can cover your hair with something like a plastic shower cap. Then you can rinse in the morning with water and shampoo.

Some people use castor oil in conjunction with a little bit of grape-seed oil, almond or rosemary applying it. The purpose of doing this is to lighten its consistency, thus washing it away becomes easier.

Things to Note

Your hair will look glossy when you wash it with castor oil. The reason being, it will coat each strand when applied well on your hair. And when this happens, keratin will build strength from the antioxidants in the oil. You could also take it orally, and some of these benefits would manifest over time. However, the most effective way to use it in your hair is to apply it topically.

Castor oil also has ricinoleic acid, which is good for purposes of restoring the normal PH of the scalp. Dandruff and scalp acne will develop due to problems with imbalanced PH on the scalp. But now you can fight dandruff directly by applying this oil onto your hair. The result will be amazing — you end up with longer, shinier, thicker and healthier hair.


Are you seeing what you’ve been missing out on? The problem is that most people don’t realize the fact that there are natural solutions, meant to reverse their hair loss problems without using chemicals. So, if you believe in natural treatment for hair loss, castor oil for hair growth might be your safest bet.

How to Choose Arrows for a Compound Bow

Choosing arrows for a modern compound bow is an important thing. It causes difficulties to the archers. The archer usually wants to own a high quality arrow to use for hunting. Choosing an arrow is depended on individual need. So, how to choose suitable arrow?

93baa8522a3a552dc5a1a44f390dd60eFirstly, determine the draw length. The draw length is different for each individual. It is necessary to follow the draw length calculation method to determine the arrow length. This method is very efficient and delivers accurate results. You can also go to an archery shop to find advice. It’s really useful. Choosing the arrow length will become more complex if they are older compound bows. Everything becomes easier because of using advances in technology and enhancements in design. The archer holds the bow up with a free hand. Then, put the nock up against the D loop on the bowstring and hold down until there is a click. The arrow length is extended forward.

The draw of archers will help determine the arrow length. Next, the archer should draw back the string and arrow. The bow string is in a full pressure. Remember that the arrow length is from the deepest part of nock groove to the end of shaft without your field points.

After determining the length of an arrow, we will choose arrow weight. This figure is based on your vary objectives. You will use about 5 or 6 grain per pound if you want to practise quarry. If you want to hunt, you will need an arrow with the weight from 6 to 8 grain. You must use more 5 grain per pound of draw weight to avoid making serious damages. The arrow weight will be from 360 to 480 grain for hunting prey. When hunting, an archer should depend on heavier bows to create padded kinetic energy. It will become easy to infiltrate flesh.

Arrow spine is a very important problem to choose arrow for a best compound bow. It can be considered the most important factor. However, it’s difficult to learn about it. It takes many time and money.

An archer can measure draw without a compound bow. That is useful skill for archer in the first time. Firstly, the archer has to straighten and the arms down your sides in a relaxed. The shoulders must back their original position. The archer should wear lightweight clothes. Then, they stretch arms remain out and parallel to the floor. The result noted will be divided into 2.5 inches to determine the length of arrow.

In materials, a common arrow can be used for hunting or shooting. It’s made of many materials as of carbon, aluminum, and wood. Copper is also available material but this material is very expensive and unrealistic. Wood arrows have appeared for hundred years. Today it is usually used for recurve bows and long bows. Aluminum arrows are heavier than the carbon arrow. This material makes the arrow reduce the hardness and its weight is heavier than others.